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Dr. Yogesh Ghongde

M.D. (Homeopathy), Gold Medalist, Diploma in Yoga Teacher, Fellowship in Yoga Therapy (MUHS)

Hello, I am Dr. Yogesh Ghongde, one of the leading post-graduate, Gold Medalist Homeopathic Consultants in India. In 2002, I secured the first rank in MUHS, Nashik (MH, India), and was awarded the Gold Medal.

To the present time, I have cured more than 1,50,000 patients. My ultimate aim of Homeopathic practice is, to cure patients completely and to preserve their health permanently.

For the last 18 years, I am serving patients through empathy. My main concern with treatment is to cure chronic diseases and to treat incurable diseases by the other pathies. I have treated my patients permanently, gently, and effectively without any side effects. My motto is that “Everyone Should be Healthy & Happy Forever”.

From the beginning of practice, I have a realization that many diseases can be cured and prevented by Yoga. So, to fulfill that purpose, in 2007, I became Yoga Teacher. In 2016, I got a degree of Fellowship in Yoga Therapy and became University Qualified Yoga Therapist. I am one of the leading Medico Yoga Therapists amongst the few in India.

My goal in life is to cure your disease with the help of Homeopathy and further help you to lead a healthy life with the help of Yoga & Pranayama.

The journey to becoming a doctor is tough and overwhelming. Let’s figure this out together. Welcome to the Sanjivani Homeopathy Diet & Yoga Clinic

Dr. Yogesh Ghongde

Dr. Charushila Ghongde

Dr. Charushila Ghongde

(BHMS, BSc. Food & Nutrition, PGD Public Health Nutrition)

Dr. Charushila Y. Ghongde is a consulting Dietician & Nutrition counselor at Sanjivani Clinic.

Education & Achievements

Food Science & Nutrition Post-Graduate Diploma in Public Health Nutrition Bachelor of Homeopathic Medicine & Surgery Dietician Dr. Charushila Ghongde is not only a dietician, but also a doctor, hence she can understand pathophysiology of human in a better way and treat the patient in an effective way.

The Sanjivani Diet Management clinic provides weight loss, treat diabetes, thyroid, Obesity, High/Low Blood Pressure with healthy diet & Nutrition.

Online diet consultation is also provided for services like weight loss program, weight gain program, cholesterol management program, diabetes management program, therapeutic program in specific disorders, diet for high/low blood pressure, kids’ nutrition, diet for nursing/lactational mother, diet for pregnancy.You can call her a well-known nutritionist in Nashik, Maharashtra, for weight loss.

While practicing medicine, she realised that most of the diseases are caused due to wrong diet and lifestyle habits. There is no need to treat human frame with drugs, but rather will cure and prevent diseases with “Nutrition”.

Now a days, there are so many diseases which required a specific or particular diet plan. So we also serve that purpose along with the weight loss & weight gain packages.

Dr. Dattatreya Khole

Homeopathy consultant - Kalwan Branch

Hello, I am Dr. Dattatray Khole, Homeopathy consultant in Dr.ghongdes Sanjivani Homeopathy, Diet and Yoga clinic in Kalwan branch since 3 yrs. With very huge response for the Homeopathy treatment as people knows and fully satisfy with our authentic and genuine service to the people. We are looking forward to reach each and every needful peoples for there better health. Lots of happiness, thank you. Stay healthy Stay Safe.

Dr.Dattatreya Khole

Dr.Sapna Tandale(Phad)

Dr. Sapna Tandale (Phad)

Homeopathy Physician & Director of Sanjivani, Nashik road Branch

My aim is to treat the patients by providing preventive, curative and palliative care based on principles of Homeopathy. Also to promote the MOST advance homeopathic system of medicine and to benefit and improve public health thereby.

Dr. Charushila Mahajan

BHMS, Dhule Branch

I Have started my Homeopathy practice since 10 yrs, I have been running Dr.Ghongde's Sanjivani Homeopathic clinic, Dhule branch since one year. My moto is to reach those patients who are not curable by other pathy medicine. Many allergic complaints, skin complaints, arthritis, kidney disease are very well getting treated through our sweet homeopathic medicines, without side effects & we are able to see the magical effects of our homeopathic medicine.

Dr.Charushila Mahajan

Dr.Pranita patil (Dode)

Dr. Pranita patil (Dode)

BHMS - Homeopathic Consultant at Dombivali (East) Branch

My self Dr. Pranita Vishal Dode (Patil), Completed B.H.M.S.  I have 10 Years Experience in Homeopathy & Working as a Homeopathic Consultant in Dr. Ghongades Sanjivani Homeopathy Diet & Yoga Clinic. I am heading the Branch in Dombivali (East) Since 2020, Great Experience with Sanjivani having Tremendous Results of all types of Acute & Chronic Diseases. Our Aim is to Cure all Unhealthy People with Our Sanjivani Homeopathy & Team. Target to Reach so Many People & Cure with Ethical Practice of Homeopathy. Thank You Sanjivani for Everything.

Dr. Sneha S. Kale

Homeopathic Consultant

Hello, Myself Dr. Sneha S. Kale, I am a Homeopathic Consultant inn Dr. Ghongade's Sanjivani Homeopathic Diet & Yoga Clinic, Aundh Branch in Pune. I am a passionate ethical homeopathic practitioner with extensive experience in homeopathic medicine. Experience in counselling patient on preventative care & positive lifestyle changes.

Dr.Sneha Kale




Dr.Shital K. Mahajan (Pawar)

Homeopathic Consultant

I am Dr. Shital K. Mahajan (Pawar)  a Homoeopathic consultant, has started my practice since 2012. I am heading the branch in Nashik-Panchvati. On the basis of classical homoeopathy, we treat a patient as a whole, which makes them feel happy and healthy. There are many diseases like arthritis, skin problem, children development, female health, psychological problems like stress, depression, anxiety, fear etc. which have tremendous results when treated with the homoeopathy. Permanent cure without side effect is my motto. In our Sanjivani clinic, we cure millions of patient along with diet and yoga, who now live healthy and happy life.

Dr.Shital Mahajan