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Adenoid : Understanding Enlarged Lymphatic Tissue


Adenoid : Understanding Enlarged Lymphatic Tissue


Adenoid is a mass of enlarged lymphatic tissue present between the back of the nose and throat. Adenoids are present at birth, they grow until the child is 5 years of age and begin to shrink after age 7. Adenoids are similar to tonsils and are located above them. Adenoids are not visible directly but both are part of the immune system Adenoids produce antibodies that help protect infants from infection and to fight and prevent infection in the body.


 In the early years of childhood, adenoids help protect infants from infection by trapping bacteria and viruses that enter the body through the nose. Adenoids which become infected usually become enlarged, but return to their normal size when the infection subsides but in some cases, the adenoids remain enlarged even after the infection is gone.

Enlarged adenoids can also be caused

  • By various allergies.
  • Some children have enlarged adenoids from birth.
  • Many time, the adenoids become enlarged when the body is trying to fight off infection.
  • Although it is rare, adults’ adenoids can become enlarged, due to a chronic infection or allergy, pollution, or smoking.


Symptoms of adenoiditis can vary depending on what is causing the infection, but may include:

Dry mouth with a sour throat, which can also lead to bad breath and cracked lips           


  • There is stuffy nose with breathing through the mouth, difficulty sleeping.

A runny nose with loud breathing, snoring in sleep, Restless in sleep, sometimes sleep apnea.           

Glands which are present in the neck are swollen


  • Pain in ear and other ear problems such as frequent ear infections, frequent colds.

  • Speaking with a nasal sound, as if you are speaking with a pinched or stopped nose.
  • noisy or strained breathing

swallowing difficulty with  nasal-sound in  speaking voice

  • Frequent sinus symptoms.


Baryta Carb:- 

  • Baryta Carb is one of the most effective Homeopathic medicines for enlarged adenoids, it works wonderfully in adenoids cases where the child is very prone to catch cold easily and recurrent.
  • Slight exposure to cold causes adenoids to enlarge.
  •  Including adenoids the tonsils, will also be enlarged in such cases.
  • Symptoms like Throat pains, difficulties in swallowing, blocked nose, breathing by opening mouth with dryness of mouth are well marked.
  • The child is weak mentally as well as physically. A child has a tendency of increased sweat from feet that offensive in nature.
  • The child has catarrh of posterior nares. With all sorts of glands swell and become hypertrophied. There may even be pus formation in the tonsils.
  • Cough also appears at the slightest change in weather.
  • Sneezing with thick yellow nasal discharge may also be seen.
  •  The mouth gives off an offensive odor with Pain in the throat worsens on swallowing.
  • The child may be physically dull and sluggish and shy


  • It is the nosode usually given as inter current remedy on basis of totality symptoms.
  •  The main symptom is the person frequently catch cold and that affect the adenoids and tonsils and patient is very susceptible to cold.
  • The child has good appetite and eats well but very lean and thin body constitution.
  • Family history of bronchial asthma or allergic rhinitis or tuberculosis may be present.
  • There is very frequently changing of symptoms. There is a tendency of chronic headache that origin by study or slight mental exertion.

Calcarea carb

  • Calcarea Carb is the most effective Homeopathic medicines for enlarged adenoids. The child is fatty, obese, tendency to put weight.
  • There is a tendency to sweat more on slight physical exertion, especially from the head portion. Sweat is more on head region.
  •  Desire for open air, cannot tolerate warm atmosphere, and sweat profusely, but exposure to cold air make him to suffer cold and cough with blocking nose and adenoids..
  • Takes cold easily at every change of weather.
  •  He is fond of eggs and sweet and does not like milk.
  •  At the same time he likes to have many indigestible things like chalk, coal and pencils.
  •  His appetite may increase with the catarrhal symptoms
  • This chronic tendency to infections results in enlarged adenoids or tonsils, they are highly irritable and obstinate.

Natrum Mur

  • It is mainly prescribed for those child who are lean and thin, emaciated with enlarged adenoids.
  • Those children are generally prone to get frequent upper respiratory infection with marked sneezing, fluent, thin watery nasal discharges.
  • The child has good appetite but still not gaining weight in proportional to his diet. Child has a tendency of headache if expose to sun or by continuous reading.
  • The natrum Mur child is cranky and stubborn nature.


  • It is mainly prescribes for those child who are lean and thin, emaciated with enlarged adenoids its main symptom is snoring.
  • When the child sleep due to blockage of nose there is intense snoring. This is attended with rattling and Sertorius breathing.
  • The child may also have brief pauses in breathing during sleep.
  •  The other symptoms are of excessive drowsiness and sleep during the day.


·Tuberculinum is one of the best remedy for hypertrophied adenoids when the child has great sensitivity to cold air and low temperatures.

  • There may be a tubercular history in the family.
  • The child may seem to be mentally deficient.
  • Such children are very sensitive to weather changes susceptible to infections.
  • They frequently suffer from sore throats, colds and upper respiratory tract infections. These medicines are given in the chronic phase of Homeopathic treatment when no active infection is present.

Kali Sulphuricum

  • Kali Sulphuricum is one the top listed Homeopathic medicines for adenoids that re appear after surgery.
  • The symptoms are a blocked nose, mouth breathing and snoring.
  •  Yellow colored nasal discharge may be observed.

Sambucus Nigra

  • Sambucus Nigra are greatly beneficial Homeopathic medicines for enlarged adenoids.
  •  A child that needs these medicines will have intense nasal blockage.
  • The nasal obstruction is most marked at night. Mouth breathing due to a blocked nose is pronounced