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Discovering the Universal Truth of Homeopathy: Samuel Hahnemann's Principles and Cure for Ailments Ignored by Other Pathies

Samuel Hahnemann the Founder of  Homeopathy based this new system of medicine on laws and principles. Dr. Hahnemann proved the drugs on healthy enlightened human bodies. He found that the drug affected the mind, the emotions, and the body and the effects are expressed through symptoms and modalities. He also found that these drugs in potency are able to remove Similar Sicknesses appearing in human beings. He discovered a Universal Truth; a truth based on “science” where opinions do not matter, and experiences do not form a basis: the source of sickness, the process of sickness, and the nature of sickness are explored and the correct curative agent is found. Homoeopathy considers man as a whole, not just his individual part.

I can cure the following disease or ailments where other parties are not so effective. 

  1.  Pediatric disease-Children who has low immunity, Recurrent cold, cough, fever. Nocturnal enuresis, delayed milestones, dentitional troubles, cranky & stubborn children, asthma, tonsillitis.
  2. Female complaints -Uterine disorders, menstrual problems, menopausal complaints, PCOD, Hormonal imbalance, white discharge, fibroids
  3. Hair Problems-premature grey hair, hair loss, dandruff, Alopecia aerate. Mental problems-Anxiety disorder, sleeplessness(insomnia),having unknown fear, worried tendency.
  4. Skin complaints-Psoriasis, eczema, vitiligo, chill-blains, Acne, cracks on palms & soles, herpes zoster, lichen planus.
  5. Kidney disease-calculi (stone), other urinary complaints.
  6. Abdominal disorder/dis.-Acidity, indigestion, I.B.S., constipation, nausea, vomiting, dysentery, jaundice
  7. Rheumatism, Gout.
  8. Piles, Fissure in Ano, Fistula.
  9. Headache, Migraine.
  10. Allergic, Rhinitis, Cough, Asthma, Respiratory diseases, Chest diseases.
  11. Vertebral & brain diseases, Sciatica, Numbness of hands and legs.
  12. Ear, nose, and throat diseases.
  13. Recurrent stomatitis.
  14. Sexual disorder, Infertility.